Bloodhound Cover
Author Tamora Pierce
Publication date May 25, 2010
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN 978-0375838170
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Author: Tamora Pierce

Series: Tortall

Subseries: Beka Cooper

Almost 200 years before Alana became the champion of Tortall, before any other story of Tortall, there lived a girl who became a legend. Written as her own journal, this book chronicles her life as she works her first Hunt as a Provost's Guard.

Beka is now a full fledged Dog, working the Lower City of Corus. Her temper and thirst for justice keep forcing her to take on new partners, however, until one day she rescues a Bloodhound, Achoo, from her abusive handler. Her attempts to settle in with this new canine partner are foiled by unrest in the city: there are rumors of a food shortage, and more and more brass coles are appearing in the money of the realm, forcing the already unsteady prices to skyrocket. Following a mishap on Beka's part, she and her training partner Goodwin are assigned to Port Caynn to see if they can't sniff out these counterfitters in their own city. The circles of greed and corruption they find only prompt Beka's wish for justice: she will work to find the true Rat behind this plot, and learn in the process to hunt down the truth as relentlessly as a Bloodhound.