Catching Fire
Catching Fire Cover
Author Suzanne Collins
Publication date March 26, 2012
Published by Large Print Press
ISBN 978-1594135859
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The Hunger Games
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Catching FireEdit

Author: Suzanne CollinsEdit

Second book of the Hunger Games Trilogy

Where our story continues...Edit

Catching Fire begins shortly after the Hunger Games finishes. After Peeta and Katniss miraculously both survive the Hunger Games, they are forcd to go on the Victory Tour, a midway reminder for the districts of the Capitol's power. After the incident with the berries, there were rumors of rebellion throughout the districts. Just prior to this, President Snow decides to pay Katniss a visit. He claimed that if she could not convince him that she and Peeta are in love, he hints that he would kill her family. Every 25 years, the Capitol holds the Quarter Quell, a "special" games with a uniquely horrid twist. In the past, there have been double tributes and tributes that were elected by their district to compete as surprises from the Capitol. What will happen this time around? Will Peeta and Katniss be able to convince the nation of their love for each other? Will Haymitch get over his drinking problem? Read to find out.