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Eldest Cover
Author Christopher Paolini
Publication date August 23, 2005
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN 978-0375826702
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Book two of the Inheritance Cycle

This story is told in third person, through the perspectives of the protagonists: Eragon, Roran, and Nasuada.

Eldest begins three days after the massacre battle at Tronjheim. Ajihad is dead, Murtagh and the Twins are missing, and the Varden (a rebel force going against the evil empire) has no idea who will become their new leader. So, they choose the daughter of Ajihad, Nasuada, to lead them through this tough time. Eragon is adopted into a dwarf clan by the dwarf king, and goes on an adventure to Duweldenvarden forest. There, he meets the only other good, living Dragon Rider; an elf named Oromis, and his dragon, Glaedr. Meanwhile, Roran has plans of his own. He is getting ready to marry Katrina in his hometown of Carvahall when the town is attacked by the evil king Galbatorix's soldiers. Accompanying the soldiers are the two Ra'zac, evil creatures who are bound to do Galbatorix's bidding. The Ra'zac kidnap Katrina, and take her to their home in Dras-Leona. At the same time, Nasuada is making plans to move the Varden from Tronjheim to Surda in order to attack the Empire. Before Eragon can finish his training, he is called to battle against Galbatorix's forces. During the battle, the dwarf king Hrothgar is killed by a mysterious Rider on top of a red dragon. Eragon and Sappira are not strong enough to defeat this new enemy on their own: their only hope lies in finding training in the ancient home of the Dragon Riders, the Elven forest of Du Weldenvarden.