Eragon Cover
Author Chrisopher Paolini
Publication date June 25, 2003
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN 978-0375826689
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Book one of four in the Inheritance Cycle

Written by Christopher Paolini

Our story takes place in the magical land of Alagaesia, which is reaching a critical turning point in its history. The evil king, Galbatorix, has been sitting on his throne alongside his dragon for 100 years, in which the land and people have suffered. A rebel group, known as the Varden, has been formed to try and topple the king. During one of the raids into the Empire, the Varden managed to sneak away with one of the last 3 known dragon eggs in all existance. While moving the egg between the rebel stronghold and that of their ally the Elves, it gets intercepted by the evil Shade Durza. In a desperate ploy to save the egg, the elven ambassador transports the egg away with magic in hope of it winding up in the right hands...

Meanwhile, in the Spine, near the town of Carvahall, Eragon (a poor farm boy) is trying to find enough food to get his family through the harsh winter; then something goes horribly wrong, and a mysterious blue stone had taken the place of the deer he was going to kill. Taking the stone with him, he hopes he can trade it for some meat or money. But the "stone" had other plans: shortly after Eragon aquired it, the egg hatched into an adorable dragon hatchling, thrusting Eragon into the legend of the Dragon Riders. In the end, Eragon decides to hide the existance from his uncle and cousin until something "unfortunate" happens and forces Eragon to leave Carvahall. With the help of Carvahall's storyteller (Brom), the party embark on a quest across Alagaesia to hopefully unite Eragon with the Varden and slay the evil king.