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Inheritance Cover
Author Christopher Paolini
Publication date November 8, 2011
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN 978-0375856112
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Book four of the Inheritance Cycle

Inheritance is the conclusional book in the Inheritance Cycle.

Inheritance picks up shortly after Brisingr left off.  Moving on with the ominously easy capture of the Empire's cities so far, the Varden move onto the city of Belatona to lay waste to the Empires soldiers. During the siege, a mysterious weapon is captured by the Varden that provides a slight glimpse of hope to gain vicotry. The Varden is preparing to attack the city of Dras-Leona, which is an important city of the evil Empire. After finding out that Murtagh and Thorn are awaiting their arrival, the Varden have to re-think their plan of attack. Eragon, the elf Arya, the were-cat Solembum, the witch Angela, and the elf Wyrden try to sneak in through the sewers. However, they are attacked by priests of Helgrind. Wyrden is killed, Eragon and Arya are taken captive, and Solembum and Angela escape. Eragon and Arya then escape, and they are reunited with Angela, Solembum, and then the Varden. Eragon and his dragon Saphira then travel to the island of Vroengard (the Riders' old base), along with the Eldunari of Glaedr (heart of hearts, a way for dragons whom have lost their bodies to speak with their minds) and discover the Rock of Kuthian which was part of the original advice Solembum had given Eragon. Inside the rock, they find something that gives them a true hope that they can last more than a few seconds against the evil king. They then fly off to confront Galbatorix, on his throne in Uru'baen, the capital city. There they begin the battle with the dark king which will decide the fate of Alagaesia once and for all.