Mockingjay Cover
Author Suzanne Collins
Publication date March 26, 2012
Published by Large Print Press
ISBN 978-1594135866
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Catching Fire
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Author: Suzanne CollinsEdit

Book 3 of 3 in the Hunger GamesEdit

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The story picks up shortly after Catching Fire leaves off. No home, no friends, no Peeta: Katniss' life really sucks right now. At least she has Gale, Prim, her mother, and Buttercup the cat to help her out. After Disctrict 12 went up in smoke, the long lost inhabitants of District 13 decided to help the refugees by giving them a home and food in exchange for their talents. And to top it all off, most of the Districts have gone to full out war with the Capitol. Now Katniss must choose whether to be the Mockingjay and take flight as the rebel figure and conquer the Capitol or sit back and watch the capitol disperse of the rebels and resume control. And without the Districts, the Capitol's resources have been cut off and the citizens aren't doing so well without their gourmet 5 day old fondued fish cakes either. So which side will win? Will Peeta be rescued from the clutches of the Capitol? Read the thrilling concluson to find out!