Mossflower Cover
Author Brian Jacques
Illustrator Gary Chalk
Chapters 52
Publication date 1988
Published by Firebird
ISBN 978-0-14-230238-5
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It was winter in Mossflower when he first arrived. Trudging through the snow, bearing a ragged cape and a rusty old sword, Martin the warrior found himself in a poor land. The good woodlands folk were shivering inside their homes, fearing that the guards from Kotir would come and claim what little food remained for the larder of their wildcat overlords. It had not been an easy winter, even if they had been allowed to keep what food they could grow. One of the Kotir patrols, out looking for food to steal, came across Martin; fighting tooth and claw, it took all of them to subdue the warrior mouse and bring him to Lord Verdauga and his children, Tsarmina and Gingivere, for judgment. It was death to tresspass on Kotir's lands, and doubly so do be carrying a weapon. Verdauga chose a short imprisonment in lieu of death to punish Martin. A short imprisonment that soon became achingly long, once Tsarmina killed her father and blamed her brother.
Gonff the Prince of Mousethieves (or so he calls himself) has spent many a merry season 'liberating' food from Kotir. But his inevitable capture isn't a bad thing, because once in prison he meets Martin, and the two of them can start planning an escape. Gonff has connections in the Corim (Council Of Resistance In Mossflower) who will help the two of them vanish into the woods as if they never existed. Soon planning turns in action. Free, the two friends head to the safety of the Corim headquarters, Brockhall. Bella the Badger, the rightful owner of Brockhall and daughter of the rightful ruler of Mossflower, asks Martin, Gonff, and young Dinny the mole to go to find her father. Long ago he went to Salamandastron on the edge of the sea, and Bella believes they need his strength and skill to defeat the wildcat Tsarmina. The three set off from Brockhall to find Salamandastron; in the meantime, the Corim set about making life difficult for Kotir's soldiers.
Things don't always go as planned, though one thing is certain. Whatever else comes, the final battle will be Tsarmina and Martin. So come; visit Mossflower, and find out how Martin the Warrior became the great hero that will be remembered for seasons uncountable, at Redwall Abbey.