No Images uploaded should: be innapropriate, vulguar, contain sexual content, or personal information. Any images uploaded that fall within those categories will be subject to immediate deletion without warning.

Images SHOULD be related to this wiki and its content: a limited number of pictures for profile pics or userpage use is allowed.

Images uploaded for a book should have a name that will allow it to be easily found and linked, such as "Book Cover Art."

Replacement images (switching out an existing one) should always be of a demonstrably higher quality than the original.

Any unused image will be kept for up to three months before being deleted. "Used" entails being used on a profile page, category page, article page, or other content page. Pictures in message threads will be deleted after three months, provided that is all they have been used for.

We do not require this, but we do request that images not have extra things surrounding them, such as colored bars or a white background.