Redwall Cover
Author Brian Jacques
Publication date 1986
Published by Firebird
ISBN 978-0-14-230237-8
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It is the summer of the Late Rose. All is quiet in Mossflower Forest, and the woodland creatures of Redwall Abbey live in contentment. The most excitement any of them think they will see is the Abbott's golden jubilee feast. But darkness is coming through the woods.

Cluny is coming!

Cluny the Scourge, a terrible sea-rat that most honest woodfolk think is but a myth. Everywhere he and his horde ride, death and destruction follow close behind. And Cluny has his eye fixed on Redwall.

Young Matthias doesn't quite fit into the peaceful Order of Redwall: his dreams are of days long past, when Martin the Warrior freed Mossflower from the claws of tyrany. Now his chance has come, though not as anyone would have chosen; Redwall is under siege from the evil rat, Cluny. A mysterious riddle uncovered during the siege leads him to a dangerous and impossible quest: to find the Sword of Martin the Warrior, and become the true defender of Redwall. Closer and closer, soon Matthias must face Cluny . . . alone.