Book one of the Word and Void Trilogy

Running With the Demon
Running with the Demon Cover
Author Terry Brooks
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A Knight of the Word

Nest has been raised by her grandparents for most of her life. Her life seems mostly normal from the outside: she's certainly not the only child who doesn't know about their father. Appearances are hardly reality: her best friend happens to be a Sylvan, and together they work to ensure that life in the local forest is stable. In particular, a prison is in their guard, in the form of an old tree.

When the Feeders, strange fey creatures that feed off of the negative emotions and actions of humankind, start to multiply and act strangely, Nest knows that there's a chance that something is going to happen with their prison. Rumors follow a stranger into town, a troubled man named Ross who seems to know more than he's telling. He claims to be an old friend of Nest's mother come to visit, but he can see the Feeders, a feat most humans cannot do. Nest can't tell what to do: should she trust that Ross is telling the truth, and that he's here to help her? Might he be her father? Or has he come to set the demon loose from the tree? More lives than she can guess hang in the balance of who she decides to trust.