Book one: Alanna

Book two: In the hand of the goddess

Book three: The woman who rides like a man

Book four: Lioness rampant

Author: Tamora Pierce

Song of the Lioness is a series written by Tamora Pierce, and it has no illustrations. The plot of the story is about a girl of 11, and her brother. The two are twins, with red hair and stunning purple eyes. Thom, the brother, is very skilled at magic, while he fails horribly in hunting and fighting. Alanna, the daughter, is ok at magic, but does excellent in hunting and archery. When the time comes for the two to separate and go lern the ways of a knight for Thom, and Alanna to learn to be a lady. However, the two are uncomfortable doing what normal girls and boys do, so they switch places. Alanna pretends to be a boy and rides to the castle to be a knight. Thom goes off to learn to be a Mage.