The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
The Voyage of the Arctic Tern Cover
Author Hugh Montgomery
Illustrator Illustrations by Nick Poullis, Cover Art by Gary Blythe
Publication date June 2, 2003
Published by Walker Childrens Paperbacks
ISBN 978-0744594836
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Author: Hugh Montgomery

"Things happen here in Plymouth in the winter,
And of such things you'd surely never learn.
So take your seat and listen while I tell you
Of Bruno and his ship, The Arctic Tern...."

Written entirely in vibrant verse, this story chronicles the adventures of Bruno as he sails through the ages, trying to break a curse wrought of greed and betrayal. Join him and his crew: the steadfast and gentlehearted Adrian; Lord Hunter, a man of honor and virtue; Doctor Edge, a brilliant and learned physician; and Bruno's eternally faithful canine companion, Daisy. Sail with them to the courts of Spain, where sweet words and poisoned deeds are set to kill the king; across the vastness of the ocean, hunting down Mad Dog Morgan, a pirate that has darkened both Bruno and Hunter's pasts; and as at long last, they must find a fortune to give away to break the last of Bruno's curse.