Time Riders Book 1 Cover
Author Alex Scarrow
Publication date September 13, 2011
Published by Walker Childrens
ISBN 978-0802723314
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In Timeriders Liam, Maddy, and Sal are pulled from certain death, only to be given a choice: join the Timeriders or go back to the moment of their death. They reluctantly join this group of time police and they barely have time to adjust to their new situation when a psychopath goes back in time and arranges for Germany to win WWII. Liam is forced to go back to attempt to stop the disaster, when another time slip brings on a world ravaged by a nuclear war, inhabited only by mutant creatures which are mere ghosts of humans. Trapping Liam in the past with no way back, can they save Liam from the past and fix the future? Pick up a copy and find out!